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Eating Sunflower Seeds (still in the shell)

I dont know but most people who eat sunflower seeds I find out do that disgusting shit where they spit the seed shells all over or leave them lying around I hate. I feel like I am not a good baseball fan as I can't eat sunflower seeds. I come from a culture of eating sunflower seeds and no one, I mean NOT A SINGLE SOUL, eats them this way. As somebody who has never had sunflower seeds, they sound pointless to eat. My lebanese friend can eat them soo fast without getting spit and seeds all over. Source: Over 30 years experience eating and watching people eat seeds.

But I am usually doing something active while I eat them so my hands are either dirty or not free. Sunflower seeds are the best when you eat them outside and can spit the shells wherever you want without worrying about making it into a cup or cleaning up after. I think I tongue the seed and pull out the shell, then keep the seed in my teeth.

Do you just put a handful in your mouth, and try not to eat the shells? It is always a single seed, broken open with the front teeth and the shell stays in your fingers while the seeds stays in your mouth. I take a single seed and place the the small side of the seed vertically between my front teeth. I usually just put maybe 2-3 in my mouth, carefully separate the seed and shell with my tongue/teeth, chew/swallow the seed, and spit out the shell.

Chomp again, and the seed should basically fall into your mouth and the shell should be easy to dispose. You place one seed on your molar pointy end twords the front of your mouth, widest part next to the teeth. Also, you get to enjoy whatever flavor you get that much more :) I don't think I could ever master that. So I just eat the entire thing. You'll do silly stuff while you learn like eating the shell and spitting the seed. Sunflower seed eaters such as those are assholes Oh that stupid saliva meets seed smell. I just have no idea how to eat it. I've always eaten one maybe 2 at a time and just cracked them open with my teeth and spit out the shell after swallowing the seed.

If it doesn't go smoothly I write that one off and moved to the next seed. For best results use the salted version of these: been looking to learn how to get the kernel out with this technique. I hit it with a little wooden hammer, stick in all in one cheek, then I'm lost. Sunflower seeds are great at monotonous jobs. I find as long as you chew up the shells real good into a kind of pulp they are safe enough to just swallow. I bite the side sliver off like you say, except its in my mouth.