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Maybe I Am Missing the Point

So I love eating seeds and I keep thinking I'm missing something like maybe I shouldn't be eating them on keto. I prefer the small bags of pumpkin seeds :)

I eat sunflower seeds everyday. all day and lost 10lbs so far so I guess I'm suprised they are bad? I got tired of the taste of sunflower seeds, so I went with the worse for me salted cashews, yummmm. I had a moment of "this is too good to be true" and really felt like I was missing something. If I had to over simplify, I would consider MCT to be good and saturated fat to be neutral. I seem to recall a story someone posted a while back. it might have been sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. but they became really constipated from them. Ha sorry I was looking at your chart and coconut oil had mostly orange which wasn't as good as yellow I guess.

Despite spending a good chunk of my work day eating seeds off and on I didn't even make it half way through a 4. 25 oz bag. Sunflower seeds are OK in moderation, but I would not make them a mainstay of a diet. I probably won't actually, but for arguments sake I could. Every time someone mentions omega 6, it reminds me I dont eat enough fish :( If it fits your macros it's technically keto-friendly. Sunflower can be part of a healthy keto diet in moderation; however, I would not go out of my way to eat them everyday. No reason I can't eat a bag a day of these? So I don't think it's at all going to be a problem.

Sunflower seeds are very high in omega 6 which can be problem. 50 grams of cashews have like double the calories, double the fat, and triple the carbs and double the protein. A 55 gram portion is what I eat.

I am on mobile and can't remember what color was what but yeah. I'm sure it doesn't make a big difference, but a package would be at least 2g net, not one. Actually, you don't have to add the sugar back in; it's part of the total carb count of 8g. So- I'm not sure how you got that from my comment. If you take a lesson away from my post let it be that most people eat WAY to much omega-6 and not enough omega-3. That's my point, there can't be 7g fiber and 2g sugar but only 8g total carbs. Bad for your weight and bad for your blood lipid panel scores can be separate things. I'm currently eating the David Simply Seeds Lightly Salted: The back of the package shows 8g carbs for a net 1 carb for the entire 4. 25 oz bag.