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The Golden Side of a Rustic Wedding

I am in the midst of helping a friend plan a rustic wedding. As you all probably know, rustic/ country weddings can toe the line between beautiful and tacky. The other thing is that you want a rustic LOOK but with modern AMENITIES. This means that there should be parking spots, plumbing, clean toilets, and air conditioning.

Don't Get Roped In

Every time I talk to them they want to put the date down. They want to book me now. So instead of that I am asking you. Does anyone know of any rustic wedding venues in Houston or in the outskirts of Houston. Not only is the venue gorgeous, but you get a wedding coordinator, Carolyn, who does an amazing job customizing your wedding.

I have looked into the springs and townhall just wondering if anyone knows of any other venues out there.

Pushing On

We are planning a very small wedding for August and can't seem to find the perfect venue. And as a B&B I'm sure they'd have enough tables/chairs for our small group! It seems to be a place where many small, beautiful weddings are held. I don't know how to narrow it down without feeling like I could be missing something awesome. I can't offer any advice for locations , but I just wanted to applaud you for knowing the worth of good photography.

I like the treehouses, but we couldn't all fit and I really want to keep us all together. Leavenworth is a small touristy town that's all german themed, with lots of excellent food and lots of little B&Bs. I'm not sure what lodging there is like, but there's bound to be something you'll like.

Plus, you could make a day trip to the Grand Canyon, which is maybe an hours drive north.

I've never been there, but I just looked and it's about 2 hours from the Anchorage airport. The Alaska Heavenly Lodge sounds like a place that might fit what you're looking for. There were others in the area that could easily accommodate your party, though, and the views in that general area are incredible. We'd love something a little further from civilization :) Ah, then the South-Central area behind Pike's Peak would be perfect for you.

Rustic Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Asheville in general is gorgeous, though, and you could probably find a big cabin/farm place like you described somewhere in the area. So I've seen a lot of great venue recommendations on here lately and would hope that maybe someone can help me out too!

The airport, which is about 2-3 hours away , and Flagstaff has the Amtrak station, so you have a couple options!

And I love the grounds, but my man really wants super dramatic views. It's so awesome that you're trying to keep it close to some fun outdoor activities! I just wish it had two more rooms - we really don't want to split up the group.

Never looked into venues/places to rent, but I can tell you that the entire area is FULL of awesome outdoor adventuring stuff!

Perfect for the Reception

We would only be able to stay 4 nights with our budget, but it looks FABULOUS! There are all kinds of outdoor stuff you can do, plus Flagstaff has a small town feel, even though that's where Northern university is. By calling it "destination" we are able to invite just immediate family and not hurt too many feelings. Unfortunately we live in the Southeast and can't see a way to have it so close to home and still keep it small.

And we'd rather not have to find a separate ceremony site if we don't have to! I want to go everywhere :p Oh, your dream venue sounds incredible.

Sunflowers Must Make An Appearance

Our main flower is a sunflower.

The bouquet will have the same flowers but larger and with the addition of sunflowers. We're getting 150 sunflowers for $140 and then some accent flowers.


The couples original budget was $7000 but we really didn't know much about how much a wedding costs when we started. The interent has been a huge help in getting to this point especially in ways to save money for a budget wedding.

I was initially thinking of going with purple and yellow for the colors, but then we decided, just screw choosing a few colours! It will be an August wedding, and sunflowers are ousr favorites. Everybody really like bright colors.

The bride just wants sunflowers and baby's breath in hers and then we're thinking just baby's breath for the bridesmaids.

They are just so useful. American Indians had multiple uses for sunflowers in the past, such as in bread, medical ointments, dyes and body paints. There was a couple of tents at the back of the building last time I was on the Upfield line. I'm trying to find time to get the girl to go there, as she adores sunflowers.

Special Considerations

Any sealed items like yogurt, sodas, etc., will expand as you go up and will potentially burst. I'm not sure I'm going to win a battle about sleeper couches though -- we are all adult couples and we want to avoid all the awkwardness we can! If it's within driving distance we will have to invite those other 100 people.

There's lots around, further north to Issaquah, and to the south is Mt. We are also struggling with the idea that we'd like something a little more remote and many of the rentals are near big ski resorts.

I am not doing burlap or mason jars or any of that. Ugh, I banned burlap, mason jars, boots of any kind, and chalkboards from my wedding. the weddings I went to this year were: all sans mason jars burlap barn photos bridesmaids in cowboy boots wood slice centerpieces Do you have pictures of the beauty and the beast wedding?


A lot of people's wedding pictures are burlap, mason jars, beards and Instagram effects. I told my florist and someone else involved with the wedding that if I see any mason jars or burlap I will murder the offender with my own bare hands. I think a lot of rustic weddings are super cute, so please don't think I'm hating on them. It was a pretty good wedding, no one asked where our burlap or mason jars were, so that worked out for us.

I'm a crazy wedding planner I could plan any theme, colour scheme, season lol I love it! I've been to one Ukrainian wedding, and one Korean wedding in the past 7 years.

I may also be having a rustic themed wedding, but really I just wanted to incorporate some of my favorite things.

The Bright Side of Rustic

It was ironic that my wedding looked super expensive but was dirt cheap when the rustic weddings can be so pricey. My wedding won't have burlap or mason jars. Most of my family wants me to get married there, but none of them are paying for the wedding. will end up with something rustic/vintage at their wedding. Also, just fyi, I'm doing a slightly carnival themed wedding for both fun-factor and budget reasons. At the end of the day just do what feels right.

I don't want ANYTHING rustic or vintage at my wedding. If you think about following a very of-the-moment trend, your wedding will look pretty outdated in pictures in just a few years. Ya exactly I'm guessing it is a bride that has spent a lot of time planning a really 'unique' barn wedding and is now finding out that she's like everyone else! Im not having that kind of wedding so I never find anyone with decor to buy.

I recall that right up there with the mason jars were nerd weddings. And I am planning on being my math nerd self in planning this thing. My parents are paying for our wedding and I'm trying to convince my Mom that we need to take a trip to Spirit Halloween when it opens for wedding decorations. I think also it has been a developing trend in wedding planning, I got married last summer and did a DIY Barn Wedding and it turned out amazing, its a great way to save money. I noticed this too and to be honest I don't like the rustic theme as I am NOT a country girl.


People who have come up with themes that exclude mason jars and burlap and "rustic" thoroughly impress me because I am NOT that creative. Want to help me figure out my decor and centerpieces for a tiffany blue, red, and a touch of pink wedding?! So for us to use mason jars, its practical because we can and have a ton of mason jars. I am still having a rustic wedding, but with a little twist. I also want a fall wedding, where 90% of the decor ideas online coughpinterestcough are rustic.

I like the rustic wedding concept.